The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Ideal UVC Sterilizer for Your Homes and Offices

With a wide variety of UVC sterilizers available in the marketplace, consumers are spoilt with choices. For some, it provides the advantage of cross-checking prices and features and ultimately, choosing the most ideal sterilizer. For others, it can mean long hours of searching and headache before making a purchase. If you belong to the latter group, this guide will provide you with a better understanding on the different types of Ultraviolet-C (UVC) sterilizer, allowing you to make a more informed purchase decision. 

How does UVC light help to sterilize?

Ultraviolet (UV) light refers to the region of the electromagnetic spectrum which has a wavelength longer than x-rays but shorter than visible light. The UV region covers the wavelength range 100-400 nm and can be split into three categories – UVA, UVB, and UVC. 

Sterilizers use UVC light because of its germicidal abilities. UVC light is able to effectively kill microorganisms by damaging their DNA structure, destroying their ability to infect or reproduce.  Furthermore, UVC light sterilization is convenient as it is a chemical-free process that leaves no residue behind. At Safe Habitat, in addition to the routine disinfection processes in place, we pride ourselves to take one additional step to ensure a complete and thorough disinfection process. All disinfection packages include UV-C disinfection via our Germicidal Surface Sweeper, to ensure additional ultra-violet irradiation process for a virus-free environment. For businesses which experience high foot-traffic, consider purchase of Safe Habitat’s UVC Germicidal Surface Sweeper for daily disinfection with a click of a button! 

Types of UVC Sterilizer

UVC Sterilizer UVC Lamp Germicidal Surface Sweeper Safe habitat

1) UVC Lamp Germicidal Surface Sweeper – Suitable for bedroom, hotel room, office, lobby and more.

UVC Germicidal Surface Sweepers provides a 360 degrees sanitation with a click of the remote button to begin your sterilization process. Similarly, in high traffic areas such as lobbies and offices, having a UVC Germicidal Surface Sweeper will allow for a more thorough sanitization and provide your employees and customers with a peace of mind.

Learn more about Safe Habitat UVC Germicidal Surface Sweeper here.

UVC Sterilizer UVC Handheld Sterilizer Safe Habitat

2) UVC Handheld Sterilizer – Surface areas such as mask, bag, sofa seats, strollers, and more.

If you are looking for a versatile and convenient sterilizer for your day-to-day items, the UVC Handheld Sterilizer will be the ideal sterilizer for you. The compact size of the UVC Handheld sterilizer makes it travel-friendly, allowing you to effectively sterilize your items at different places conveniently. It is also able to effectively kill and inactive 99.9% of microorganisms, ranging from smaller objects such as masks, toys, and bags to larger surface areas such as sofa seats, chairs, strollers, and bedding. The convenience and versatility provided by the UVC Handheld Sterilizer will be a perfect fit for you.

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UVC Sterilizer UVC Sterilizer Box Safe Habitat

3) UVC Sterilizer Box – Small items such as phone, keys, stationery, and more.

We wash our hands regularly to protect against bacteria and viruses. But, how often do we wash our cell phones, keys, or earpiece? We bring these items with us everywhere, exposing them to countless bacteria and viruses. For instance, our cell phone possesses three times more germs than the doorknob. The UVC Sterilizer Box will be the ideal solution to keep our items clean and sterilizer after a long day out. Just a simple move of putting your items in the box and activating the sterilization, you will get your items sterilized in 18 minutes. The top of the sterilizer box also supports wireless charging, allowing you to charge your cell phone while waiting for your items to be sterilized. We have to be conscious of sterilizing our day-to-day items frequently and UVC Sterilizer Box will be a great way of sterilizing.  

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 UVC Sterilizer UVC Mattress Sterilizer Robot

4) UVC Mattress Sterilizer Robot – Fabric surfaces, bedding, mattress, soft toys and more.

Our bed is our safe habitat, a place where we feel safe in. Snuggling in our blankets and getting a goodnight rest is something we look forward to every day. However, when we go to bed, we are bringing different kinds of bacteria and viruses with us. It has been found that a week old pillowcase contains more bacteria than a toilet seat, making it crucial to implement sterilization measures for our bed. UVC Mattress Sterilizer Robot will disinfect your safe habitat with its dust sweeper UV sterilization. It kills bed mite and 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria on fabric surfaces. With three different modes for multiple applications, you will be able to find the optimal mode. For instance, the On Bed Mode will sterilize your bed automatically and the handheld mode allows you to sterilizer smaller items such as soft toys more efficiently. The UVC Mattress Sterilizer Robot will ensure you have a clean and sterilized bed waiting for you every night.

Learn more about Safe Habitat UVC Mattress Sterilizer Robot here.

UVC Sterilizer UVC Toilet Deep Sterilizer

5) UVC Toilet Deep Sterilizer – for toilet cover

Studies show that toilet seats are a potential source of infection and toilet seats are petri-dishes for bacteria and pathogens. Moreover, toilet seats are high touch point areas, especially in public areas such as malls and offices, heightening the risk of contracting bacteria and viruses. The UVC Toilet Deep Sterilizer will ensure a safe habitat for your family, employees, and customers while in your homes or offices. When the toilet cover is close, the UVC Toilet Deep Sterilizer will start work automatically, effectively sterilizing the interior of your toilet. You don’t have to worry about the smell as well as it is equipped with the ability to remove odor after sterilization. Ensure a clean and sterilized toilet with UVC Toilet Deep Sterilizer.

Learn more about Safe Habitat UVC Toilet Deep Sterilizer here.

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