Is sanitizing enough? The Importance of ULV Cold Fogging in the new normal

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need to transit into the new normal by being prepared against pathogens to ensure a safe habitat. The rising trend of asymptomatic cases means we never know where the next potential transmission and cluster may be coming from. It is vital to create a safe habitat for our family, employees, and customers by ensuring a clean disinfected environment. 

You might have purchased hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, and other sanitization items to keep your home and office clean and sanitized. However, a safe habitat for your home and work environment requires more work to be done. There are increased chances of contracting viruses whenever we come into contact with high touch points areas such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, and restrooms. Furthermore, the coronavirus is able to survive on surfaces of materials for at least 2-3days, heightening the risk of contracting the virus and putting our family and colleagues in danger. Despite the inevitable risks, we can help to ensure a safe habitat in our homes and office environment by engaging in frequent disinfecting services, especially of high touch point areas.                               

ULV Cold Fogging  

One of the main disinfecting methods will be via ultra low volume (ULV) cold fogging. A ULV cold fogger is equipped with an electric motor which pumps the disinfecting agents out of the tank, passing through the nozzle located at the front of the fogger. The nozzle compresses the air at low pressure, transforming the disinfecting agents into tiny droplets before dispersing them into the atmosphere. The main advantage of ULV cold-fogging is the ability of the microdroplets to stay in the air for around 10 minutes after fogging, allowing the droplets to reach areas that are inaccessible with conventional spraying, ensuring comprehensive decontamination and disinfection throughout surface areas. Other advantages of ULV cold-fogging include its suitability for indoor areas due to odorless smell; quieter disinfection process which minimizes disturbance; and more importantly, control over particle size and dispersal rate to apply for optimal dispersal.

At Safe Habitat, our ULV cold foggers are able to adjust the particle size and dispersal rate with 8 different nozzles, allowing for optimal dispersion of disinfecting agents at different areas. This means that our ULV cold fogging disinfection cleaning service ensures comprehensive decontamination, including difficult to reach areas like ceilings, high walls, and cupboard. Create your safe habitat now for your homes and businesses with our professional disinfection ULV cold fogging service.  

Safe Habitat ULV Cold Fogging Cold fogger
Safe Habitat ULV Cold Fogging Cold fogger 8 nozzles
Safe Habitat ULV Cold Fogging Cold fogger optimal dispersion customized

Book your disinfection package or contact us for more information. Alternatively, create your Safe Habitat by conducting your own frequent disinfection and sanitation processes via purchasing our ULV cold fogger here. For more information about our equipment and disinfection services, click here.

Safe Habitat ULV Cold Fogging